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Thieves beware!

Posted by Antonio82 on 2013-07-09 15:47:50 BST
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From today, I will be posting a list of layout thieves on my website in hope it deters future thefts of the image layouts.

You cannot change the layout image, use the coding as your own or try to sell them.

If you get caught, your name will be placed in a list for everyone to see.

If this keeps happening, the layouts will be removed again, permanently.

Please enjoy the layouts as they are, and do not try to edit them without permission from the owner.

The list can be found here

Please leave a comment, is this a good idea to post a list or not? Thanks.

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New Gaming Site

Posted by Antonio82 on 2013-05-27 23:55:35 BST
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The new gaming site is being created right now, it will contain info about new console/PC games, and YouTube vids of gameplay and stuff.

Hope you guys like it! The link to my YouTube is at the top left of this website.

The new gaming site will allow you to add your YouTube gameplay vids to it for all to see, and might contain a chat section so you can talk about your gaming achivements and stuff ^_^

If you are interested, please comment here smile.gif Also, if you are a gamer like myself, please subscribe to my YouTube channel (I need 1000 subscribers before I can do a YouTube live stream *sad face*).

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Gaming site

Posted by Antonio82 on 2013-04-30 00:00:57 BST
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I am thinking about making a gaming site on here, like PS3/PC gaming and crap like that, feedback is welcome.

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